Folloni Franco Legal Agent
Negri Rosa Associated

Mecaf The firm MECAF begins its activity in 1980; as years went by it has continually developed by enlarging its “parco macchine” and it has worried about QUALITY by attesting DNV UNI EN ISO 9002 in 1998. The last investment is the new establishment of 1500 m sq. just built and inaugurated on December 2002.

The main activity is mechanic manufacture with processing equipment; manufactures such as:
PERFORATION, SCREW CUTTING, MILLING, BORING, LAPPING on boxes, hydraulic engines, Flanges, caps, oleo dynamic valves, which are used in many fields such as:
Agricultural, Alimentary, industrial, pharmaceutical, electromechanical, oleo dynamic, etc.. both in “Work to order” and “whole supply”. Manufactures stuffs are : cast iron, aluminium ,AISI steel founding provided by the costumer. Processing such as TURNING, GRINDING, “BROCCIATURA” are executed with the collaboration of external qualified firms.

The firm is composed of 13 employees:
N.2 employees in charge of machines programming
N.1 employee in charge of quality control in the metrological room with temperature controlled By a three-dimensional engine
N.1 employee responsible of book-keeping administration Apart from the three members
Folloni Franco Responsible of the production and quality of products
Negri Rosa Responsible of the control of quality and planning procedures
Production is managed by a software program, whose function is to plan and program machines, to control manufacture’s progress and to let us take cognizance within the real time of the situation of the stuff into production. Delivery terms of products are around 20 days from stuff’s arrival date. Manufactured stocks are from 50 to 2000/2500 pieces.

MECAF mainly aims to improve the work offered to the customer and quality service. To join this purpose we have already arranged to the purchase of a new machinery, whose function is to control processing and who will co-operate with the already existing JOHANSSON TRIDIMENSIONAL ENGINE By planning periodical programs of sensitization and training of the staff, carrying out productive Activity, we intend to improve continually Firm’s image on the market, thanks to the qualitative certainty of our products, wich can be proved by the reduction of costumers’complaints.